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Blue eyed soul? You don't even know the definition until you've heard the sweet smoke of Nick Lowe's trademark croon. Now, later in life, Lowe's rootsy, grown-up soul has risen to the surface of what was a cracked and stripped down artistic aesthetic in the late seventies when he produced records for Elvis Costello, The Pretenders and influential British proto-punkers the Damned. During his years as house producer for Stiff records Lowe's oft-copied rough hewn production style set the stage for the D.I.Y. philosophy of the punk revolution. Sublimely aged in a solid oak barrel, At My Age showcases Lowe's perfection of his own unique brand of soul-soaked country pop, resulting in an album as refined and perfectly distilled as he is. Lowe's convention-breaking phrasing shines backed by gorgeous sixties Memphis-style horns and tastefully subdued guitar hooks. At My Age displays, with Nick's signature polish, the sublime, linear connection between country, rhythm and blues and rock 'n' roll. So, grab a drink, a smoke and hear Americana done right... by a Brit. Digipak.